Friday, March 4, 2011

I'm Shaving My Head

Last spring, Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman shaved my head to help raise money for the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation and I’m going to do it again this year!

The Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation works so hard to help children who are diagnosed with cancer each year, they also help children with HIV and Sickle Cell disease. They help with free emotional counseling, medications, educational tutoring, and they take the children to Camp Cartwheel. It's really neat how they connect these families with others who are struggling with a lot of the same things. You can send a child to camp this summer if you donate!

Guys you can join me in shaving your head at Klip it for Kids on Saturday, April 2nd! Ladies, if you have over ten inches of hair you can have it cut on site and donated to Locks of Love, so they can use your hair  to make wigs for these children going through chemo therapy. We’ll be at Town Square over in the parking lot by Rave Motion Pictures. All the details are online at

If you'd like to sponsor me and help these children, click here. I'm asking for only $25 per person. You can send a check to our SOS Radio office at 2201 South 6th Street. Las Vegas, NV 89104. Make checks payable to Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation.

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Glenda Castaneda said...

Hi Scott, i want to thank you for shaving your hair off, im also going to be there and going to cut 10 inhes off my hair to donate to Locks of Love. My daughter Gianna was diagnosed with ALL type Leukemia in September of 2009, she is now in remission but still going through Chemotherapy, after the first 6 months of treatment she lost all her hair and was completely bald and it was a very difficult time at first, thankfully we were able to pray with her and let her know that God sees her as a beautiful princess wether she has hair or not. This year im going to donate my hair and im also trying to raise money in honor of my daughte and so many other children affected by cancer and other illnesses. We have been able to go through this tough stage of our life only through the help of our Lord Jesus Christ, but there are so many other families out there that dont have Jesus and i encourage people to not only donate their hair and money but also to pray for those families, it is very difficult to have a sick child and even more difficult when its something such as cancer, my daughter is only 6 years old she was still 4 when she got diagnosed and she is such an encouragment to me, she knows that the Lord has healed her and is so very thankful to Him for giving her a second chance, she will be walking in the parade of courage on April 2. Again i just wanted to say thank you for doing this, NVCCF is an amazing organization they do so much for us and our families.