Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sri Lanka Day 3

Click here to see pictures from Vacation Bible School & our construction projects today. We worked at Kalapua Sri again and most of the team was leading Vacation Bible School. We had some pretty intense volleyball games until the ball went over the giant stone fence. A few of the kids climbed a tree in about 10 seconds and had us back in play within 2 minutes.

We had 4 belt sanders going on the school benches all day. It was 89 degrees and super humid. So we were wet with saw dust stuck to us.

When we got back to the hotel, Mike & I were craving something other than chicken & fish curry, so we took one of those 3 wheel taxi carts down to pizza hut. The ride was epic. Like a roller coaster on the wrong side of the road!


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Anonymous said...

Having been overseas in the Navy and seeing how "life on the street" works for kids, this is such a blessing for each of these children. Security, provision, training, and JESUS! AWESOME!